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Wicklow Bushcraft and Nature Courses

Located in a Secret woodland near Troopers Town Car Park, Laragh, Wicklow.. Just 1 hour south of Dublin.. SEE MAP HERE

  • Deepen your bond with nature
  • Nature immersion through tracking, bird language, wildlife tracking and sensory tuning skills
  • Connect with the world around you
  • Feel the calm and be present
  • Learn survival and bushcraft skills

Bushcraft is the art of using the resources provided by our natural environment to survive and thrive in the great outdoors. It combines the knowledge of how to best use the plants and animals at your disposal with some basic bushcraft tools to make outdoor living easier and more efficient. We are hands on in our approach and you will be able to take away some skills from your day.

Nature Immersion Course

Our nature immersion courses are run in the woods beside the Avonmore river. The course is taught by one of the countries leading and highly qualified instructors so you will be in good hands. There is a lovely large fire-pit to sit around and have a tea/coffee and chat  after a short walk. The woodland is stunningly peaceful and with our careful guidance we can show you some of the wonderful things that are all around us, if only we know where and how to look.

The courses are generally start at 7am in the morning and normal finish around 10am with a campfire coffee on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Contact us to book your prefered date and time
  • Times and dates vary –  what do you want?!
  • Max group size is 15 people
  • Minimum of 3 people required for the course to run
  • Cost 30e per person (inc VAT), contact us to book
Contact us to discuss your event HERE

Bushcraft and Survival Course

Get skilled up and learn how to survive, be comfortable and relax in the woodlands.

This course include the following:

  • Lunch
  • Tracking
  • Fire steels and flint and steel
  • Kelly kettles
  • Safe knife work and peg making
  • Hammocks and shelter building
  • Edible plant identification game
  • 6 hours of activity including lunch and tea and coffee
  • Max group size is 30 people
  • Minimum of 4 people required for the course to run
  • Course starts at 10am and ends at 4pm
  • Cost 65e per person (inc VAT)
Contact us to discuss your event HERE