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Axe Club –  Yep its a thing…. join us and be awesome

Welcome to the club… A gender neutral, outdoor sport that is suitable for anyone that wants to be awesome… be great.. release your inner viking… Axe throwing is not as wild and woolly as it sounds. In fact, it’s a disciplined activity that demands finesse and focus to do it right. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embed your axe in a comparatively small target with a maximum point scoring bulls eye in the middle…

We run events for people who want to be different… If your looking for an activity that is suitable for all ages (16 upwards), all fitness levels and all types people then come and have a go. Corporate, stag/hen, birthdays, weddings or just wanna have a go then scroll down and get in touch.

We run introduction to axe throwing course’s and provide private events for STAG / HEN / WEDDINGS / CORPORATE.. Scroll down for more info

Stag/Hen, Corporate and Private Events

Typically we run events that are either 1.5 hours or 4 hours but we can customise the event length and content to whatever you need:

Axe Throwing Only (1.5 hours)

Pure simple Axe Throwing –  Raw Fun…

We will give you an Introduction to axe throwing and basic training with our Flying Angel Axes. We will get a few practice throws in so everyone gets the hang of it and then we will run a scored competition. After this we will swap to Tomahawk Axes (bigger) and run another competion… The winner of the combined scores is the Axe Champion and we will provide an underwhelming prize. Finally to round off we will throw the competition large Double Bit Axe.

Minimum 12 people, €30 per person

Viking Bushcraft and Axe Throwing (4 hours)

Axe Throwing is awesome.. so is making fire from flint and steel as the Vikings did… extend you event with a bit of extra activity in the forest..

This is axe throwing as above but we will head into the woods to discover your inner viking and cook your own campfire quesadillas for lunch/dinner. We will provide wild fruit cordial drinks and tea and coffee. Wood activities include; lumberjack log rolling, viking fire making in teams, kelly kettle/fire tea race, coffee break/biscuits. Its a chance to absorb the woodland light, sounds and feel the calm.

Minimum 12 people, €55 per person

LOCATION – Laragh, Wicklow.. Just 1 hour south of Dublin

Introduction To Axe Throwing Courses

Axe Club are running an Introduction To Axe Throwing Course on the following dates:

18th March, 7th April, 13th May and 24th June

The course outline is as follows:

  • Introduction to axe throwing safety with Flying Angel Axes, including self-coaching and technique.
  • Practice throws then a mini-tournament with other participants.
  • Traditional Tomahawk throwing, practice with coaching.
  • International championship Double bit axe throwing, coaching, competition regulations and target design.

All of courses are run at the Irish National Heritage Park in Wexford. The cost is €40 per person and the course runs for about an hour and a half. Places are limited..

Axe Club is run by Firefox Bushcraft and is covered by public liability insurance, we will get you to fill out a standard disclaimer form upon arrival.

Click Here to Book http://www.irishheritage.ie/product-category/events-courses/courses/axe-throwing-course/

The Irish Time recently featured Axe Throwing in its Business Section… check it out (click on the picture)

Asavie Sponsored the Irish Axe Throwing Team to go to Sweeden and compete in the Nordic Championships

Irish Sailing joined us for a corporate team building event, they were awesome!

Apollo Aviation came on a Viking Bushcraft day, learnt how to make fire the viking way, cooked on the campfire and joined us for a corporate team building event –  We loved having you!

Went to Kilruddery a few weeks ago and stumbled upon the axe club, myself and my friend had a go, it was the best craic! So good we came back the following weekend with another friend, my sister and my mum! Matt and Heath were great, can’t wait to go back!!

Gill O'Hehir

We were first attracted by the novelty factor and because it looked like an interesting alternative to traditional types of outdoor corporate team building activity. Because it’s so different it was by no means clear who would be good at it. In fact, the athletic types who normally excel in a sporting environment were not necessarily the best. This put people on a new footing with each other and changed perspectives within the team.

Hugo Carroll, Asavie

We had a pretty large group on a stag and had an absolute blast. Matt and Heath were champions! Thanks guys!

Ronan Kane

Happy Axe Throwers Gallery

Contact Us

Contact us the form below or send an email to findoutmore@axeclub.ie

Axe Club is a founding member of the World Axe Throwing League and we have been throwing axes since 2010