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FAQ for Axe Club in Dublin


Sorry no. All bookings are non refundable.

Yes you can.

  • If you want a private party at the weekend for between 6-25 people then you can book that direct on the website by selecting “private weekend axe throwing”
  • If you want a private event/corporate team building during the week then just send us a email outlining the date/time/no of people and we will get right back to you.

Yes you do. It is best to make a booking on the booking system so that you are not disappointed if your turn up and the event is full.  We can take payments on the door but we much prefer to have it all done in advance.

No sorry.  We need you to have a pre-booked ticket so that we can mange the numbers of people. Check out the booking page.

If you want to add more people for a weekend event then you can book more tickets online (assuming that the session isn’t full).

If you have a corporate booking then contact us and we will add the people and send you a payment link.

You can’t reduce the number of people on a weekend event –  sorry, no refunds.

Yes – no worries. Join us and meet some other people. We have league nights 0n Mondays and Tuesdays and weekend sessions all weekend.. Come and chuck axes with us.

Yes as long as you all book the same session!

The venue can accommodate 60 people… The max groups size for the weekends is 20 and the same for league nights on Monday/Tuesdays.

The min group size for a private event at the weekends is 6 people.  The min group size for a weeknight is 6 people.

Location and Facilities

There is limited on street parking in the area around Axe Club.  For events in Wicklow there is parking available very close to the forest.

We are at the end of Gaelic St. Go right to the end and turn right into the small industrial estate.. We are the large orange door.. there are signs out to guide you in. Here is a link to a MAP

Generally – No, please don’t bring your own axe.

You can only bring your own axe to league nights – even then it must be approved for use by one of the instructors.

Yep, we have 2 toilets..

Yes.. ish. The is a level entrance, no steps or ramps. The toilets are up a small step (approx. 75mm) and currently there is no accessible toilet. Contact us and tell us what you need, we will discuss what we have and work out how to make it work. We want everyone to be able to throw axes so we will do the best we can.

Food and Drink

Sorry no. For corporate events we can offer a food package of axes and pizza. Check out http://axeclub.ie/wp/axe-club-dublin/

No. We can’t allow you to throw if you have drunk alcohol before an event or during an event. We are strict about this and will stop the event if this happens.

Not at the moment… there are no drinks available on site.

About Axe Throwing

The minimum age for all our events is 16. A parent or guardian will need to be present to supervise and take responsibility.

Yes. We will do our best to help. We have had a range of people with disabilities throwing axes from people in wheelchairs to people on crutches. The best person to judge this is yourself –  you know your own capabilities better than we do. But do talk to us and we will try and find a way.

Yes. We have a perfect safety record and have been throwing axes since 2010 safely. If you want to find out more about how we are safe then contact us with your questions.

All events start on time –  if we can then we can extend the session if your late but often we can’t and unfortunately you will miss out on part of your event.

Yes. We have a disclaimer that you need to sign BEFORE you are allowed to take part.

Anyone. As long as you above 16 years old and can throw a tennis ball. If you are pregnant then we recommend that you don’t throw.

The axes are not heavy. The hatchets that we throw in Dublin are about 600g. The same as a pint of milk…

Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothes. Anything restrictive will impede your throwing ability in Dublin. NO open toed shoes, flip flops or high heels. sensible shoes please.

If you are completing an outdoor event then you will need to dress for the weather events are not postponed due to weather so come prepared with rain gear and sturdy boots.

Yes. just let us know who is coming.